Night Flight to Rio

Promo video by Countershade Productions

Additional Pictures

A solid music video

This video was made by Countershade Productions for party band Night Flight to Rio. The goal was to make a promotional video in which you as an audience could shortly experience a show of the band. The video shows multiple type of interesting and fast edited images, combined with 7 tracks related to the band. A flashy, young style of a great performance of Night Flight to Rio in P60, Amstelveen.

As you can see Countershade also has some experience in Music Videos. Although it is not our core business, we like to work with other creative artists and love to produce this kind of videos on a not too regular basis.

Directed by: Jordi van den Berg

Filmed by: Jordi van den Berg and Bas Jongerius

Check out the website of Night Flight to Rio: Here.

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