Discovery Channel:
‘Make Your World Bigger’

Proud winner of the Video Contest

Video 1: This is the video as how it was broadcasted on television.
Video 2: This is the original contest winning video.

Additional Photography

A dream come true

The “Make Your World Bigger” video was made for a competition by Discovery Networks in the Netherlands. The competition was about achieving (one of the) 25 challenges Discovery Channel proposed, such as: learn to fly, catch your own food and find gold. The video made by Jordi van den Berg and Bas Jongerius won the competition and with that a snowscootersafari to the Northern Lights in Lapland. But because Discovery Networks thought that the video (where Bas and Jordi complete all challenges in a few minutes time) was that good, they decided to show the video 20 times on discovery channel for the complete 4.5 minutes during commercial breaks – that’s talking about free marketing!

All directing, filming and editing was done by Bas and Jordi themselves.

Directed by: Jordi van den Berg and Bas Jongerius
Filmed by: Bas Jongerius and Jordi van den Berg
Edited by: Jordi van den Berg

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