Quadragesima Zwelbast
VIe Lustrum

A Countershade Video Production

Check out the video here: Quadragesima Zwelbast – XIe Lustrum – Logo Onthulling and more videos from Countershade Productions on Vimeo.

Additional Photography

Countershade Productions helped with the logo design of the Lustrum.

Helping out your buddies

Countershade Productions made this video for fraternity Quadragesima Zwelbast, which is part of Amsterdam Student Association Unitas. The video is made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Quadra, reveal the new theme and logo and open the opening event.

The video tells the story of six member of the lustrum committee (the anniversary committee), who all follow their own storyline to go beyond innocence. The six stories are all mixed up, but follow one path: starting at a normal phase, towards the getting a drink phase, turning into the getting crazy phase and ending in the beyond innocence phase. The story is related to the new theme and logo of the students: De Onschuld Voorbij (which means: Go Beyond Innocence).

Directed and Filmed by: Jordi van den Berg

Find more information about Quadragesima Zwelbast on their website: here.

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