Branded Video Productions

Below you can find some examples of Branded Content such as corporate videos, video registrations, internet videos and more.

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Experimental Video Productions

Below you can find some examples of Experimental Video Content made by Countershade Productions. This  shows our passion for filmmaking. Everyday we have a lot of fun in our industry, and we will always be eager to keep on learning and experimenting with images. Most of the videos below are travel and contest videos. We like to capture undiscovered territories or accept a video contest challenge.

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Extra Video Productions

We also like to help others. Below you can find an overview of videos in which Countershade Productions was involved, but not as the production company. We like to work for non-official Countershade projects, but rather colleague or partnership productions. For example in feature films, commercials, internet films or documentaries. Countershade personnel can be hired as Producer, Assistant Producer, 2nd / 3rd Assistant Director and Production Assistant.

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