We make content move

Countershade Productions is the Dutch video production company that is specialised in creating small & medium budget videos with a commercial purpose. We combine entrepreneurial thinking and a passion for creative filmmaking. We make content move. We have a focus on the virtualization of stories. This is what we do using a wide range of media, such as corporate films, internet films, commercials and others. As long as we make content move; wherever in the cosmos, big or small.

The still very young company was founded in early 2014 and thus characterised by its unbiased history, fresh-mindedness and out-of-the-box thinking. Due to the founder’s roots in Economics and Business some key business elements are crucial in the culture of Countershade Productions, such as: entrepreneurial thinking, innovativeness, efficiency, commercial potential, trustworthiness and service orientation. These elements will be shown during the production and will be seen in the end results.

Due to this business background we know how to make the content move in the right way for the optimal commercial success. We know or figure out what the audiences of our clients want. Countershade Productions has a network of local professionals, crews and freelancers that would love to work with both international as national parties.

The story of Countershade Productions

Our passion for virtual storytelling bought us to the theory of “The Hero’s Journey”, created and described by Joseph Campbell in his book ‘the hero with a thousand faces’. The theory tells about crucial steps and elements that the hero has to experience for a perfect story. A theory we love to use, to expand on or to adjust. Even more powerful is the message of Campbell that everybody lives his own hero’s journey; it does not matter if you are Harry Potter, yourself or Countershade Productions, as long as you keep the following in mind: “The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek” (Joseph Campbell).

It is from that theory where our inspiration for the company name came from. Without going too deep into detail, Campbell described a total of seven types of characters of which ‘The shadow’ is an important one. Reflecting the evil in a story is that what we in general don’t want to be, resulting in countering the shade as being the hero. Countershade Productions was born. The hero stands central; being the clients we serve, the characters we create or the audiences we amuse.

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